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发布时间:2021-02-22 00:15:01

Recently, according to the Spanish media Marca, the Venezuelan international Longdong, who played for the Dalian Relegation team of the Chinese Super League, received a call from the national team before. Therefore, after the end of the first stage of the Chinese Super League, he bought 3 tickets to return to his country. Prepare to report to the national team and participate in the UEFA Europa League! However, the Dalian native appeared to be very amateurish. He stopped the foreign aid Longdong at the airport and prevented him from leaving. The Venezuelan international announced on the social platform that he did his best! Some fans said that this relegation team is too amateurish and rare in football. Isn't this embarrassing?


In fact, the reason why Dalian people have such an amateur operation is mainly due to the foreign ai亚搏app下载苹果d Long Dong, who is really important for the team's relegation work! Last summer, Long Dong transferred from a Premier League team and spent Wanda 18.3 million euros in transfer fees. If converted into RMB, it would be 145 million. How many movies Wanda would have to release to earn this number, more What's more, additional wages are required! However, since Long Dong can have such a high value, it also shows that he has the corresponding strength. For the Dalian people, he is the most important player of the team.


In the first stage of the season, with the team's number one star Carrasco being loaned to Atletico Madrid, the team's offensive banner was handed over to Long Dong. Of course, Long Dong did not disappoint the Dalian fans. In the case of the team’s main youth storm, Long Dong still relied on his own ability to help the team score 9 goals in 14 games. Also sent 3 assists 亚搏app下载苹果to teammates. Such data is undoubtedly very eye-亚搏真人app下载苹果版catching, let alone the number one thigh in the team, even in the entire Super League, Longdong's number of goals can also be ranked third, second only to Guoan's Bacambu and Malkang of Chinese happiness!


Therefore, if Long Dong really leaves China and goes to the national team to play in the UEFA Nations League, then Dalian will lose the top scorer in the team at the critical moment of relegation, which will make relegation very difficult. Moreover, at the end of the first stage of the game, there was a foreign player in the Dalian team that left the team, and he went to the national team to report, and that person was Hamsik! However, Hamsik is the midfielder commander, and his performance this season is very average, he has been criticized by many fans, and after he left, the Dalian native also found a replacement. Therefore, Hamsik can leave, but Longdong cannot!


Of course, the Dalian staff went to the airport to stop Longdong from letting people go. This operation is indeed very amateurish. Even if the fans are embarrassed, it is a normal thing! In fact, Long Dong does not have to return to the national team. First of all, he also knows the current situation of the club and must have him to complete relegation. Secondly, under the current situation of the epidemic, it will become very difficult to return after leaving. Finally, the coach Benitez is his mentor and can discuss anything! Therefore, if the high-level people in Dalian had a good talk with Longdong earlier, there would be no embarrassment of the bad guys at the airport not letting go!


After confirming to stay in the team, Long Dong also quickly let go of the idea of ​​returning to China, but he still said something on the social platform and explained to the fans in his home country why he was absent from the national team game! There is a saying that a good foreign aid like Longdong is too difficult to find in the Super League. Compared with foreign aids such as Shenhua's Shahavi, R&F's Zahavi and Saba, Longdong is simply the foreign aid that every Chinese Super League team dreams of. ! Judging from the current situation, the Dalian fans should rest assured. After all, Long Dong is determined to stay in the team and his relegation will be more stable. Even if Shijiazhuang Yongchang cannot be won in the first round, he will face TEDA and Jianye. Also has an advantage! What do you think about this?

确认留队后,龙东也很快放开了重返中国的念头,但他仍然在社交平台上说了些话,并向家乡的球迷们解释了为什么他缺席了国家队游戏!有句话说,在超级联赛中很难找到像隆东这样的优秀外援。与神华的Shahavi,富力的Zahavi和Saba这样的外援相比,dong东是每个中超球队梦dream以求的外援。 !从目前的情况来看,大连球迷应该放心。毕竟,龙东决心留在队中,他的降级会更加稳定。即使石家庄永昌无法在首轮中获胜,他也将面对泰达和建业。也有优势!你怎么看待这件事?